Other ways to help

Support our wonderful NHSNHS70.2e16d0ba.fill-356x237

We owe the NHS an insurmountable debt of gratitude already. From the NHS Direct call to the out of hours GP service, followed by the swift diagnosis and treatment plan, we have been looked after in the best possible way and not had to pay out a penny.

Please take a look at the NHS70 website for a list of suggestions of how you can help, one of which is: Give blood.

Poppy received a blood transfusion on her 3rd day in hospital and will likely need to receive more blood over the course of her treatment. I saw firsthand that night how precious that resource is. Unlike most other things in the hospital, this wasn’t made in a factory or bought with cash. It was donated. By an anonymous person who registered in a simple fashion and turned up to their appointment. This fact was not lost on me that night – as I watched the nurses connect that unit of blood to Poppy’s cannula, it struck me what a precious gift this really is.

I’ve already registered and next time I give blood, I’ll be thinking of that night, and wondering where my own blood will end up and who I’m helping.


If you’re thinking of holding a sponsored event of any kind, or if you own a business looking to support a local cause, we would be honoured if you would consider donating the funds raised directly to Poppy’s fund or to one of the charities we love.

Raising Awareness


We have to wait three months before we can apply for the financial support which Poppy is entitled to. CLIC Sargent are campaigning for the government to review this policy so that young cancer patients receive backdated payments from the day of their diagnosis.

Please take a moment to fill out a few basic details on this easy, pre-drafted letter and make a difference to the many young families affected by this every day.