Charities we love

CLIC Sargent

“CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children, young people and their families.”

With only one parent allowed to stay overnight in hospital, CLIC Sargent stepped in from Day 1 by instantly arranging free accommodation for Graham in their Bristol Home from Home. Aptly named, he arrived to find welcoming, well-thought out facilities and Easter eggs waiting on the beds!

The ease and speed at which this accommodation was arranged was helpful beyond words. Their help hasn’t stopped there either, and we are in awe of the support this charity has thought to provide to us and the many other families facing this.

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Read For Good

“For children in hospital, books and stories are particularly important – they comfort, distract, reassure and entertain.”

This was certainly true for Poppy, who took great comfort from the book she chose to keep from the mobile bookcase. We spent a lot of time reading books during our hospital stay, many of which were brought in from home, before we realised how many wonderful, new titles there were to access in the hospital. Giving the gift of a shiny, new book is surely one of life’s most simple pleasures.

Pied Piper Appeal

“We believe that every sick and disabled child in Gloucestershire should have the very best care possible on their doorstep”

The facilities in the Children’s Centre are really inspiring, and the Play Specialists in the Playrooms do an excellent job of creating a little normality in a world thrown into chaos. For us, these provisions were particularly important as a place for siblings to interact without gathering unnaturally around a hospital bed. The Emily Kent unit where the majority of Poppy’s care will take place is modern, welcoming and full of love. So much so, that upon leaving there for the first time after receiving a dose of Chemotherapy, Poppy declared happily “I’ve had a lovely time!”

Hannah’s Holiday Home Appeal

“Hannah loved family life and spending time with family and loved ones was very important to her. We thought there wasn’t a better way to remember her by offering just that”

Set up by her mum in Hannah’s memory, her charity aims to help other families facing cancer by giving them the gift of a holiday in one of their three holiday homes in the New Forest area. So much of this diagnosis is about making new memories away from the hospital and this charity offers such hope to families at a really difficult time. Having experienced this herself, Hannah’s mum Pam is best placed to offer a hassle-free, complimentary break with minimal paperwork and restrictions. She organised our holiday in a short phone call the day after I sent in our application, in which we covered a few basic details before both discussing our brave daughters. Hannah sounds like a very special girl with a mum to match.


“We’re working towards a world without blood cancer. Your support is helping us find cures, better tests and kinder treatments for everyone living with blood cancer.”

Bloodwise are supporting the current clinical trial in childhood acute lymphoblastic leuakemia, awarding close to £1.1 million to fund this research. The UKALL 2011 trial is looking at whether the standard drugs can be used in slightly different ways to still achieve the same outcomes, but with reduced side effects. Bloodwise also funded the recent comprehensive study on the most likely cause of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, edging ever closer to making this a preventable disease.

Tom’s Gift

We want to celebrate the bravery and resilience of all children who have to undergo treatment for cancer. They deserve something special.”

Tom’s family set up The Tom Grahame Trust to remember their much loved little boy who passed away aged 6. The charity has three main aims: to build a pirate playground next door to Tom’s school, to fund research into cancer and in conjunction with Macmillan, to give a gift to every child in the UK who is diagnosed with cancer. After applying on her behalf, Poppy received a book and a £30 Debenhams voucher to spend as she pleases. Tucked away for a rainy day, this gift will surely bring a smile to her face when the time comes to present it to her.