Waiting and Wishing

I’ve just found this draft post which I had seemingly forgotten about! It was written about a month ago on June 20th so here it is to bridge the gap between Poppy recovering from her illness and and waiting for the last part of active treatment x 

There have been times when it feels like every invitation we’ve received has been countered by “I’m not sure how Poppy will be”. I’m rarely inclined to commit to any event, especially one in advance. Looking back at the last year of Poppy’s treatment, I’ve realised that she has actually stayed extraordinarily well for the majority of that time. However, my fear levels never really adjusted from the initial six months when we were in hospital 3-4 days a week with additional stays on top of that.

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I composed this one a couple of weeks ago when we returned home, but haven’t been back to edit it or brave enough to post it. Some parts have been extraordinarily difficult to confront x

We’re home. Despite lockdown, it feels like utter freedom after being confined to just one room! There is nowhere we would rather be.  Home is comforting, familiar and most importantly it’s together. We’ve all spent the last two and a half weeks aching for the other half of our family and it is such a relief to be back together again.

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