Delayed Intensification

So that was Interim Maintenance. A bumpy start with two unplanned hospital admissions smoothed out along the road with two holidays, a weekend away by the seaside, and numerous happy days spent together in the sunshine. We knew this would be our best opportunity to get out and about with the girls, and it’s safe to say we achieved our aim of making the absolute most of Poppy’s wellness. We even made it back for the final day of pre-school before the summer break – a trip to Forest school to make dens and shelters, before returning for a party filled with food, music, bubbles and dancing. Poppy transformed from her dusty forest school outfit into her sparkly party dress, receiving many compliments along the way. Watching on from the sidelines, I was moved to happy tears by Poppy’s dancing during musical statues. The wild abandon with which she closed her eyes, threw her arms in the air and wiggled her hips was such a moment of pure joy, given away by the huge grin on her face. Quite simply, dancing like nobody’s watching. A good friend was there to hug me as the tears fell, and as I said to her, it’s rarely when Poppy is poorly that I cry, but the moments like these when she is doing the things she should be doing at her age. Her dancing took my breath away and will play like a video in my mind for a long time to come.

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