I did something amazing today!

I gave blood today. I re-registered the night Poppy was diagnosed and have been waiting patiently for my appointment ever since. Last time I gave blood, I had recently turned 18 and naively turned up by myself, but this time I brought a merry band of supporters with me. There were four of us donating (two close family friends, my mum and myself) and four in our support team too (Graham, Daisy, my dad and our guest of honour, Poppy) Driving to the hall, I felt quite emotional, but I managed to hold it together pretty well, until the nurse saw me gazing at Poppy and asked if it was the first time she had come with me. I lost it completely when I explained that we were all here because of her! I felt so proud seeing her watch on with my mum in front of me and our friends by our side.

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