Delayed Intensification

So that was Interim Maintenance. A bumpy start with two unplanned hospital admissions smoothed out along the road with two holidays, a weekend away by the seaside, and numerous happy days spent together in the sunshine. We knew this would be our best opportunity to get out and about with the girls, and it’s safe to say we achieved our aim of making the absolute most of Poppy’s wellness. We even made it back for the final day of pre-school before the summer break – a trip to Forest school to make dens and shelters, before returning for a party filled with food, music, bubbles and dancing. Poppy transformed from her dusty forest school outfit into her sparkly party dress, receiving many compliments along the way. Watching on from the sidelines, I was moved to happy tears by Poppy’s dancing during musical statues. The wild abandon with which she closed her eyes, threw her arms in the air and wiggled her hips was such a moment of pure joy, given away by the huge grin on her face. Quite simply, dancing like nobody’s watching. A good friend was there to hug me as the tears fell, and as I said to her, it’s rarely when Poppy is poorly that I cry, but the moments like these when she is doing the things she should be doing at her age. Her dancing took my breath away and will play like a video in my mind for a long time to come.

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Relaxation and a renewed sense of self

Graham and I have just returned from our first night away on our own in almost four years! The last being a heavily pregnant visit to Harptree Court, where I waddled around the grounds and ate my breakfast eggs well-done. This time, Cowley Manor was our location of choice, booked on a last minute whim the night before. We almost didn’t do it, but decided it was our last opportunity to do so for a while and some thinking time on our own would be welcome after our late night heart to hearts of late. The relentless nature of the last few months has been catching up with us and we don’t always have a chance to process everything that is happening to our family. Our days are filled with love and laughter with the girls by our side, and by the time the evening rolls around, we’re often too exhausted to delve deep into our thoughts.

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Fear & Pride

It’s 3.40am and I can’t sleep. So often I fall into bed exhausted and drift off within minutes, only to be wide awake each night at this time. Cancer is undoubtedly on my mind at this hour. My mind turns the same thoughts over and over, and it’s preferable to get up for an hour or two than to lie there with my darkest thoughts. I spoke last week of having nightmares but didn’t go into detail. When I’m afraid, it’s hard to speak the words out loud but often fear is better faced head on and I feel better for having voiced and acknowledged what I’m thinking. My nightmares always follow a similar theme – they’re never about cancer, but a struggle of some other sort. A fire or a drowning situation, in which I’m powerless to save the girls. I always wake mid-nightmare (usually screaming and gasping for breath), so never know the outcome of the scenario, but it doesn’t take a specialist in dreams to recognise the link between these nightmares, cancer and the lack of control/ability to rescue my loved ones. Another way for my mind to process the trauma; things inevitably always seem better in the morning.

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I did something amazing today!

I gave blood today. I re-registered the night Poppy was diagnosed and have been waiting patiently for my appointment ever since. Last time I gave blood, I had recently turned 18 and naively turned up by myself, but this time I brought a merry band of supporters with me. There were four of us donating (two close family friends, my mum and myself) and four in our support team too (Graham, Daisy, my dad and our guest of honour, Poppy) Driving to the hall, I felt quite emotional, but I managed to hold it together pretty well, until the nurse saw me gazing at Poppy and asked if it was the first time she had come with me. I lost it completely when I explained that we were all here because of her! I felt so proud seeing her watch on with my mum in front of me and our friends by our side.

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A week of good news

Last week was a good news sort of week. Tuesday was a hospital theatre day, with Poppy in the sweetest of moods. We spent the morning giggling over a sand art picture, donated by Artisand UK after we came across them at the Cricklade Festival. It’s a great activity, using tubes of coloured sand to fill a pre-printed sticker picture. Poppy was totally absorbed in it, smiling and laughing as she carefully selected her sand colours and later declared it her favourite part of the day. It was the perfect length of time to occupy us both until the anaesthetic nurse arrived to escort us down to theatre. Poppy no longer needs the banana we used to sneak in afterwards, and now waits patiently until we return to the ward for her first meal of the day.

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Never far from cancer

After the success of our holiday, we’d planned to spend a few days away at a friend’s holiday cottage in Wales last weekend. As it happened, we made a decision not to travel in the heat – Poppy and Daisy were none the wiser, as we hadn’t mentioned the trip away. Spontaneity works best for us at the moment, so plans are often made last minute. The girls were more than happy with their new paddling pool in the garden, without the travelling time and lack of shade on the beach to worry about.

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