An admission to hospital

What a difference a day makes. Famous last blog words those turned out to be. It seems our adventure is taking us on a rollercoaster ride this week!

Friday night should have finished up with the careful packing of a picnic ready to take to Cotswold Wildlife Park today. Buoyed by our day out on Thursday, we thought we’d reschedule the trip we’d missed when Poppy was admitted to hospital the first time back in late March.

Instead, I’m writing this from the Emily Kent Unit at Gloucester Hospital where Poppy and I had a sleepover last night, complete with our poshest pyjamas and a midnight X-ray in place of the traditional feast.

We were prepared for this to happen at some point, having been informed at diagnosis that admissions are to be expected throughout the course of Poppy’s treatment. In fact, we narrowly avoided one on Tuesday, which prompted us to return home and organise the all important hospital bag we’d been meaning to pack for several weeks. It’ll stay in the car, ready for times like this when a possible sign of infection such as a spike in Poppy’s temperature now means an automatic trip to hospital and most likely, an overnight stay.

It’s all another part of the great unknown and the reason why we can no longer commit to scheduled plans with any sense of accuracy. Even looking as far as a day ahead, our plans were scuppered. We’re learning to be realistic, and sometimes that means accepting some small disappointments along the way.

As we prepare to spend the sunniest weekend of the year so far inside these hospital walls, I’m still smiling at the thought of Thursday’s mini adventures. It makes those moments all the more special and I’m even happier we chose spontaneity over a tidy house!

It’ll be those impulsive moments which light up our world, not the advanced arrangements which didn’t quite go to plan. Graham and Daisy have been heartily encouraged to continue our original aim of enjoying the great outdoors and to send us plenty of photographs to brighten our spirits.

Hope you all have an extra special, sunny day on our behalf. Please don’t be afraid to tell us about it when we ask either – there’s no need to dull your own sparkle because we couldn’t make it out. We certainly don’t begrudge anyone else for enjoying themselves as much as can be. Quite the opposite in fact – we’ll be actively encouraging sunny days, spontaneous fun and messy houses!

We’re grateful for the doctors and nurses for making these decisions and know that they are made in the best interests of Poppy’s care. Poppy is tired after her late night, but otherwise happily propped up in bed amusing the nurses with her smoked salmon and cream cheese picnic lunch.

There’ll be plenty more sunny days and mini adventures to come. They’re just a little harder to predict at the moment.

Enjoy the sunshine for us! x


4 thoughts on “An admission to hospital

  1. I know you’re in Gloucester Royal! But we used to call the Swindon Hospital…. The Great Western Hotel and Spa…. It helped a little!!! All love to you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈


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