Mini adventures

Days like today are what life is all about. Singing, laughter and sunshine in the company of some of our dearest friends. Abandoning the house after lunch in favour of a spur of the moment trip to Westonbirt Arboretum. Making the most of the sunshine in every sense of that sentiment and finding our calm, happy place amongst the trees. With Poppy in good spirits, today was the day for mini adventures and family fun.

Our Happy Beans group has long been one of the highlights of our week. We’ve been going since Poppy was around 18 months, whilst Daisy earned her first sticker at a dainty six days old. It makes me smile to think of their first experiences of it. Poppy actually cried when she first entered that rowdy room, but her initial tears dried as soon as we took our seats together on the floor and got swept up in the spirit of the music. A few weeks in, I even checked in on her sleeping one Thursday night only for her to exhale, smile and whisper “Happy Beans” aloud before rolling over and drifting back off to sleep!

When Daisy arrived, it was a chance to test run coping with two children in a place I knew we would be supported if chaos ensued. As it happened, she slept through much of that first noisy session, and the one after that which featured a fire alarm and an evacuation of the building! We’ve made lots of memories in that community centre room during her first year. Watching her tentative steps grow into a clumsy, fearless run, seeing her sociable nature develop and her own friendships form.

Today, we were welcomed back into the fold with open arms. I’ve been craving normality this week and we were served a delicious taste of it in that room this morning. Watching Poppy play the xylophone with carefree gusto and keeping an eye on Daisy roaming around the room like the free range chick she is, it felt like everything I have been writing about was playing out before my eyes. Facing not fighting. Singing extra loudly and shaking our tambourines extra strongly. Proof if any were needed, that life does go on and our merry band of supporters will be with us every step of the way.

So much of today was about the words I wrote several weeks ago in Feeling Positive dancing off the page and jumping into reality. Those words, however well-meant, will be meaningless if we don’t believe in them wholeheartedly and do our best to make them happen.

Today my friends, we made them happen! What a difference a day makes.

Wishing you all love and laughter x

4 thoughts on “Mini adventures

  1. What a perfect day it was…. a different day than the ones before, but just as perfect! Simply wrapped with a different ribbon!!! I for one loved the xylophone playing… and also to welcome you all back!! ❤️🌈⭐️⭐️⭐️


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