Dear Daisy

So much of what I’ve written so far has been about Poppy. In those very early days, her illness consumed my every moment. Certainly for those two weeks we spent in hospital, when I barely left her side for the entire duration of our stay.

The subject of today’s post is another small very important person whose life has been tipped upside down overnight. It’s only fair that her own acceptance, bravery and ability to adapt gets a mention here. Our Daisy. The youngest member of our family, just a few months past her 1st birthday. A jolly, little soul, who just like her sister before her brightens the path of everyone who encounters her.

I know everyone thinks their own children are amazing (and rightly so!) but there is undoubtedly something special about our girls, which gets everyone talking about them wherever we go. As a team, they’re unstoppable, laughing and giggling their way through life with a contagious happiness. Their energy is relentless but infectious. Of course, there are grumpy days too, and there’s no denying that caring for them is sheer hard work at times, but I’m so thankful for the many joyful moments these two bring to us and many others.

During our hospital stay and subsequent day patient returns, Daisy has been cared for by her grandparents, who show her the same love, kindness and happy times as we do. They won’t accept my effusive thanks, believing that anyone would do the same in this position, but I’m not convinced that’s true. Of course, we have no way of knowing but I am forever grateful to them that providing care for Daisy has not become another thing to worry about. She’s been scooped up and surrounded by so much love, that she’s barely given a thought to her change of surroundings. I last breastfed her in the hospital, on that fateful day when our seemingly over-cautious visit to the hospital escalated beyond anything we could have imagined in that moment. I’d already begun to think about reducing breastfeeding in preparation for my return to work, but of course this would have been planned and implemented slowly, not stopped abruptly overnight! Again, one less thing to worry about, but I’m still amazed at Daisy’s ability to adapt and smile her way through life. No looking back for our Daisy, she is just plodding on with her next adventure, gaining new fans everywhere she goes. Daisy laughs right from her belly, collapsing into such deep giggles that people can’t help but stop and laugh with her.

I missed her desperately in hospital. Siblings are welcome anytime on the ward, but only in full health, and a rotten cold and later, Impetigo meant Daisy’s visits weren’t as frequent as we’d have liked. Video calls made all the difference though and we were all buoyed by seeing her wave and kiss the screen in greeting. Being on the move so early meant she’s always been hard to photograph. She is almost never motionless, so a still image just doesn’t capture her boundless energy in the same way a video can. My personal favourite use of technology, was when Poppy and I used FaceTime to call Daisy on the Ipad early one morning after breakfast, only for Graham to coincidentally FaceTime my phone from his CLIC home from home. The closest all 4 of us had come to being in the same room together since this whole thing started and the wide smiles all round showed just what it meant to each of us.

Home now, we’re together again and Poppy summed it up perfectly when seated next to Daisy in the car, we heard her little voice say warmly: “It’s nice having Daisy back home again” x

4 thoughts on “Dear Daisy

  1. Daisy has been a delight and distraction the last few weeks. Both girls adaptation to their new situation is testimony to way you’ve brought them up to feel so secure and trusting of the people who care for them. Gramps particularly has enjoyed his role, especially making a stand for gender equality by being the first Grandad to attend Bounce and Rhyme at Fairford.

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    1. Thank you so much for this 💗 Your compliments about the girls make me feel very proud. We’re very lucky to have your support and know that we could ask for anything and you would do your best to help xx


  2. She has indeed been a delightful distraction! No denying it was hard that first week with her unexpected arrival, we were struggling with worrying about Poppy and trying to care for a one year old whose little world was about to be turned upside down. But she is such a happy secure little girl and very easy to care for as she giggles her way through the day leaving total devastation behind her and content with cuddles & food at regular intervals. It has got so much easier these past few weeks as we have got into a routine, up and breakfast with Grandad who has become an expert at making banana pancakes, bath & bedtime down to Grandma and by the giggles that ensue we aren’t doing too badly. Daisy you and your big sister are true superstars🌟🌟.

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    1. I loved reading this 💗 We are all so lucky to have you in our lives and not for the first time, I’m so glad we moved back home when we were expecting Poppy. I can’t imagine facing this without you xx


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